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about rachel vigor stylist

Making useful things beautiful in their surrounds. Telling a story in a single frame.


Photographic.Film&Publishing.Print.Online.Social Media.


Rachel Vigor’s work features in Australia’s leading interior design publications and appears regularly in the advertising of major local and international retailers and corporations.


With over 30 years in the industry, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes, Rachel’s love of detail and intuitive styling is seen across national advertising campaigns, magazine editorials, lifestyle books, video and social media. She communicates her client’s message within a cohesive, visual statement that engages and resonates with their market.

Rachel’s time effective and meticulous work ethic has produced a vast network of repeat clients and longstanding collaborations with photographers, artists, designers, writers and suppliers. She often introduces organic materials that bring the outside world in, using a creative perspective that is infectiously energised yet relaxed. Her work is an artful balance of the old and the new, the ethereal, luxurious or beautifully blunt, where global trends are interpreted for a local audience with a refreshingly approachable signature style.

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